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Guide to the Evaluation of Candidate Seed Graders and Seed Import Conformity Assessors
Appendix B(1) Seed Grading Report

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The following is an example of a seed grading report:

Image of a sample of the Seed Grading Report
Description of the form

Seed Grading Report

Name and Address of Owner: Dale Farmer
Kind: Barley
Variety: Summer
Crop Certificate No.: 12-1111111-411
Pedigreed Status: Certified
Lot No.: 55324

Name and Number of Impurities FoundIn / 5 kgPer / kg
Prohibited Noxious Weeds00
Primary Noxious Weeds00
Total Primary Noxious Weeds00
Secondary Noxious Weeds
Dog Mustard20.4
Total Primary Plus Secondary20.4
Other Weed Seeds
Wild Buckwheat-1
Lamb's quarters-1
Total Other Weed Seeds-2
Total Weed Seeds-2.4
Other Crop Seeds
Red clover-1
Total Other Crop Seeds-6
Ergot Bodies/ Sclerotia-1

Germination Certificate: 12001
Germination percent: 80%
Date of Test: xxxx_10_31
Disease Test Certificate No. and Results:

Name of Lab:
Grade: Canada Certified No. 2 because of secondary noxious, total other crop seeds and percent germination

Signature of Grader: [insert signature]
Date: xxxx_10_31
Grader No. 12345

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