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Pass the Mic: Talking about Veterinarians
Pass the Mic: Talking about Veterinarians

You ask, we answer. Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Jaspinder Komal, answers a question about how CFIA works and partners with veterinary organizations to protect animal health and welfare.


Keeping Canadian livestock healthy

In this podcast, CFIA expert Tony van Vonderen, CFIA National Animal Feed Program Coordinator, explains how modernized rules support the prudent use of medications in livestock feed to help keep our farm animals healthy. (January 2020)

Welcome to Chronicle 360 – CFIA from every angle

Chronicle 360 is more than just another online newsletter. Learn more about what we do and how we do it. (November 2019)

Tackling Bird Flu

Learn how flock owners can help prevent avian influenza, how the CFIA responds to disease outbreaks, and how the Agency and partners work to limit the risk of a wide-spread outbreak in Canada. (September 2019)

Canada's Chief Veterinary Officer talks about the threat of African swine fever

Learn more about Canada's actions to respond to the threat of African swine fever. (July 2019)

Women in Science – podcast with Dr. Catherine Brisson

When Dr. Catherine Brisson was 14 years old she did not like biology at all. But one Christmas her mother gave her a medical dictionary, which is where her love of biology started. Thanks to her mom and that dictionary, Catherine is a veterinarian today! (June 2019)

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