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Livestock identification and traceability program: vision, objective, outcomes


To create an industry and government partnership resulting in secure data, networked into a value-driven and sustainable traceability information system that meets Canada's private- and public-sector needs in our diverse agriculture and food industry to:

  • enhance our ability to protect animal health and to address food safety issues
  • enhance industry competitiveness and ability to retain or capture market opportunities


To provide rapid access to accurate and up-to-date traceability information.

This information may be used to assist in managing emergencies resulting from a food safety issue, a natural disaster or an infectious disease that may spread either slowly and insidiously (e.g. bovine spongiform encephalopathy [BSE]) or more rapidly (e.g. foot-and-mouth disease).


The expected outcomes for the livestock identification and traceability program are:

  • risks to the Canadian public associated with the food supply system are mitigated
  • risks to Canadians from the transmission of animal diseases to humans are minimized
  • risks to the Canadian animal resource base are mitigated
  • domestic and imported animals and animal products are compliant with Canadian regulations and international agreements
  • international markets are accessible to Canadian food, animal, plant and their products
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