Safe Food Canada - The Learning Partnership

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Infographic: Safe Food Canada - The Learning Partnership. Description follows.

  • $105.5 billion – Value of production: Canadian food and beverage processing industry
  • 105 million – Daily meals eaten in Canada
  • 246,000 – Canadians employed: Food and beverage processing industry
  • 3,000 – CFIA food safety investigations each year
  • 350 – Average number of unsafe food products removed from store shelves through recalls per year
  • 30 - Number of food-borne pathogens known to cause food-borne illness
  • 1 – Canada's ranking for its food safety system out of 17 countries

Did You Know? Food can never be risk-free - It can become contaminated during growing, harvesting, processing, shipping, storing or handling.

Learning is key to food safety.

Training for food safety professionals results in safer food for Canadians.

Safe Food Canada - The Learning Partnership – A national framework for food safety learning for all food workers in Canada.

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