Guide to the Evaluation of Candidate Seed Graders and Seed Import Conformity Assessors
2.0 Purpose of the Evaluation

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The purpose of the evaluation is to objectively measure whether a candidate has achieved the level of skill and knowledge of the principles to:

  • Knowledge of all weeds on Weed Seeds Order, 2016 and the ability to properly classify those weeds (GB Grader, GD Grader and SICA), and,
  • retrieve, identify, classify and report impurities, review the germination report, and assign a Canada pedigreed grade name (GB Grader); or
  • review reports of analysis (ROAs) to assign a Canada pedigreed grade name (GD Grader); or
  • assess conformity with minimum import requirements (Seed Import Conformity Assessor (SICA), formerly Seed Import Release Agent (SIRA)).

The use of a standardized evaluation provides national uniformity for accreditation of seed graders and SICAs in Canada.

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