Weed Seeds Order Review - Proposal for Change
5.0 Weed Seeds Order to Grade Table Cross Reference

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The table below illustrates the relationship between Schedule I Grade Tables and the Weed Seeds Order classes.
Table Crop Type Standard - Primary Standard - Primary plus secondary Standard - Total weeds WSO Applicable Classes Other Weed Standards
I,II,III,IV, Cereals, Flax, Sorghum, Hemp X X X 1,2,3
V Bean, soybean, sunflower X 1,2,3
VI Hybrid corn, hybrid sunflower X 1,2,3
VII Canola, mustard X X X 1,2,3
VIII Alfalfa, clover, millet, vetch X X X 1,2,3
IX Clover, timothy X X X 1,2,3
X Bird's-foot Trefoil X X X 1,2,3
XI Forage grass X X X 1,2,3
XII Single ingredient
X X X 1,2,3,4
XIII Forage Mixtures X X X 1,2,3
XIV Lawn/Turf Mixtures X 1,5 1. Noxious weeds excluding couchgrass
2. couchgrass
XV Ground cover Mixtures X 1,5
XVI Beet X X X 1,2,3 Maximum standard for Mayweed
XVII Cantaloupe, watermelon X X X 1,2,3
XVIII Non agricultural field crop - Bean, Corn, Sunflower X 1,2,3
XIX Broccoli, cabbage etc. X X X 1,2,3
XX Misc. vegetables X X X 1,2,3

This table illustrates the relationship between the Grade Tables in Schedule I of the Seeds Regulations, and the Weed Seeds Order Classes. The first column identifies the grade table by number and the second column lists the crop type(s) that are included in that grade table (or grade tables). The third, fourth and fifth columns, titled Standard – Primary, Standard – Primary plus Secondary and Standard – Total weeds, respectively, illustrate which standards apply to the specific grade table(s) referenced in each row. The applicable standards are illustrated by placing an X in the appropriate column(s). The sixth column indicates which Weed Seeds Order classes are applicable for the grade table(s) in each row. The seventh, and final column, includes any additional weed standards that are included in the specific grade table(s) in each row.

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