SWI 132.1.1 Seed Program
Specific Work Instruction
Official Seed Sampling

3.0 Definitons, Abbreviations and Acronyms

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3.1 Definitions

The definitions set out in the Seeds Act and Seeds Regulations apply. Some are repeated here for ease of reference. Others have been modified for the specific purposes of this document.

The definitions in SPRA 101 Definitions for the Seed Program, the Seeds Act and Seeds Regulations, the ISTA International Rules for Seed TestingChapter 2, QSP 152.1 Implementation and Administration of OECD Seed Schemes and EU Seed Directives, QSP 132.4 Official Seed Sampler Certification and the following apply to this document:

Authorized importer
An establishment that is authorized to import seed and in respect of which a registration as an authorized importer under Part IV of the Seeds Regulations is in effect.
Composite sample
Sample formed by combining and mixing all of the primary samples taken from the seed lot
Not being relatively uniform.
Being relatively uniform; in the case of a seed lot, the lot will be as uniform as practicable.
An employee of the CFIA who is designated as an inspector pursuant to Section 13 of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act.
ISTA Rules
International Rules for Seed Testing
Investigation sample
A sample which may be used as evidence in a court case and for which the continuity of evidence must be maintained. This has also been referred to as a legal sample in the past.
Lot designation/number (unique identifier)
Set of numbers, letters or symbols that singly or combined uniquely identifies the seed lot. In the case of seed graded with one of the Canada Registered or Canada Foundation grade names, includes the pedigreed seed declaration number
Mini-bulk containers
A container that holds 250-2000 kg of a seed lot. These containers may hold pedigreed seed that is not sealed if at an establishment registered as a bulk storage facility
Official seed sampler
An employee of the CFIA who is designated as an inspector pursuant to Section 13 of the CFIA Act and who is trained, evaluated and certified as a seed sampler
Primary sample
A small portion taken from the seed lot during one single sampling action
Retained sample
A sample that represents the seed lot and is drawn by or under the authority of the person responsible for the seed lot according to appropriate sampling methods, clearly identified to crop kind, variety and lot number and stored in a manner that retains integrity
Sealed (seed lot and/or sample)
The container or individual containers in which the seed that is held is closed in such a manner that the containers cannot be opened to gain access to the seed, without either destroying the seal or leaving evidence of tampering
A system for closing packages such that they are sealed
Seed sample container
Those types of containers that maintain the integrity of the sample
Static bulk lot
A quantity of seed moved from the original storage container to facilitate the drawing of an official sample. This quantity of seed is temporarily stored in a conveyance bin such as a truck box, railway car, trailer.
Stream sample
A primary sample obtained from the entire cross-section of a moving flow of seed using an automatic sampler or an approved manual sampling tool that passes completely through the seed stream.
A portion of the composite sample obtained by mixing and dividing the composite sample by an approved method.
Submitted sample
A sample submitted to a seed testing laboratory. It may comprise either the whole or a sub-sample of the composite sample.
Untampered sample
A sample that has been drawn in accordance with approved sampling and/or mixing and dividing methods and which has not been examined, altered or tested in any manner.
Working sample
A sub-sample taken from the submitted sample in the laboratory and used for the quality analysis or other tests.

3.2 Abbreviations and Acronyms

Authorized Exporter
Authorized Exporter Program
Association of Official Seed Analysts
Below grade, out of tolerance
Below grade, within tolerance
European Council
European Union
Higher voluntary standard
Job Hazard Analysis
International Seed Testing Association
Laboratory Sample Tracking System
Meets the labelled grade
Material Safety Data Sheet
Not finally certified
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
Occupational Health and Safety
Personal protective equipment
P & G
Purity and germination
Quality System Procedure
Seed Program Regulatory Authority
Sample Submission Form
Seed Science and Technology Section, Saskatoon Laboratory
Specific Work Instruction
Variety verification
Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
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