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Appendix XVI: Seed Inspection Certificate (CFIA/ACIA 1118)

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The following is an example of a seed inspection certificate issued by CFIA inspectors for each seed lot.

Please note that there is no longer a requirement to send a copy of the Seed Inspection Certificate to the Canadian Seed Trade Association.

Seed Inspection Certificate. Description Follows. Description Follows.
Description for Seed Inspection Certificate (CFIA/ACIA 1118)

There is a code on the right side of the document that is a unique number to be assigned to the seed lot.

The seed herein has been inspected and/or graded for:
There are 19 fields to fill in.

  • Client's Name and Address (1)
  • On the Premises of (2) (can check off the same as client box or fill it in with new information)
  • Billing Address (3) (can check off the same as client box or fill in with new information)
  • Client's Signature (4)
  • Variety (5)
  • Kind (6)
  • Quantity (kilograms) (7)
  • Tags Applied CFIA (8)
  • Crop Certificate number (9)
  • Grade Canada (10)
  • Number and Size of Packages (11)
  • Remarks (Seed analysis, % Germination, Test Number, Laboratory, Grower, Country of Destination) (12)
  • Inspector's Signature (13)
  • Date (Day, Month, Year) (14)
  • Inspector's name (print) (15)
  • Inspector's number (16)
  • Client Account Number (17)
  • Time (hours) of Inspection to certify seed for export (Code 3727) (18)
  • Time (hours) of Inspection for purposes other than certifying seed for export (Code 3725) (19)

Copy 1 (white) – Customer, Copy 2 (canary) and 3 (pink) – Regional Office, Copy 4 (gold) – District Office

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