SWI 132.1.1 Seed Program
Specific Work Instruction
Official Seed Sampling

Appendix XIII: Blue International Seed Sample Certificate

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The Blue International Seed Sample Certificate provides seed analyses results that are only representative of the seed sample submitted. An image of the certificate appears as follows:
Blue International Seed Sample Certificate tag. Description Follows.
Description for Blue International Seed Sample Certificate

This blue certificate represents the seed sample only, there are no sampling requirements, but the seed testing is done by an ISTA laboratory. There are three main sections for this certificate beginning with stated by the applicant, followed by information, and lastly the analysis section. The stated by the applicant section pertains to information such as the name of the applicant and the species, cultivar, category, and weight of the lot. The second section is the information section in which the following information can be added in: testing and issuing laboratory, sampling by, marks if lot, seal of lot etc. The third section details the analysis results asking firstly for the species scientific name. In this section the columns are divided into purity (% weight) and germination (% number) unless otherwise indicated. Three boxes are bolded in this section: the pure seeds, normal seedlings, and the moisture content. After which space is left to answer question such as kind of inert matter, other seeds and other determinations. At the very bottom of the certificate are boxes in which the place and country, the date and signature can be placed.

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