Industrial Hemp

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The cultivation of industrial hemp is now permitted in Canada, under licences and authorizations issued by Health Canada.

Although the regulations governing the cultivation of hemp are administered by Health Canada, legislation administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is also relevant to the cultivation of hemp. This includes the Seeds Act and Regulations, which govern the import, export, certification and grading of seeds for commercial crops, and the Plant Protection Act and Regulations, which govern the movement of plants and plant products into and out of Canada.

Anyone wishing to cultivate industrial hemp has to obtain a licence from Health Canada. Processors, importers and exporters of hemp seed or viable grain (not fibre) also require licences from Health Canada. Seed importers have to register with the CFIA as well, and seed exporters require phytosanitary certificates from the CFIA. With respect to the administration of the Industrial Hemp Regulations, the responsibility of the CFIA is limited to an advisory role in determining the List of Approved Cultivars and conducting inspections of licensed cultivation sites on Health Canada's behalf.

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