Quality System Procedure 142.1: Pedigreed Seed Crop Inspection Procedures - Appendices
Appendix II: List of Potential Pesticides present during Crop Inspection

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The following lists include commonly applied pesticides. This list does not include all pesticides that may be applied, nor is it conclusive in the crop kinds that the products may be applied to. It is the inspector's responsibility to contact the grower to verify that the field is safe to inspect. Growers are responsible for informing inspectors of their intentions to apply pesticides.


Trade Name Common Name Crop Kinds Re-Entry Time
BenlateBenomylalfalfa, beans, canola24 hrs
BravoChlorothalonillentils, peas, wheat48 hrs
Dithane DG Rainshield NTMancozebalfalfa, wheat24 hrs
Kumulus DFSulfurpeaswhen dry
Manzate 200-DFMancozebwheat24 hrs
Clean CropCopper 53WCopper hydroxidebeanN/A
ParasolCopper hydroxidebeanN/A
QuadrisAzoxystrobincanolawhen dry
Ronilan EGVinclozolinbean, canolano time
Rovral FloIprodionecanola12 hrs
Senator 70WPThiophanate-methylbeanN/A
Tilt 250EPropiconazolebarley, canola, oats, wheat24 hrs


Trade Name Common Name Crop Kinds Re-Entry Time
Ambush/PouncePermethrinmostwhen dry
Sevin, EcobaitCarborylmost24 hrs
Cygon, LagonDimethoatemost48 hrs
Malathion, FyfanonMalathionmost12 hrs
Lorsban, PyrinexChlorpyriphosmost48 hrs
DecisDelta methrinemost24 hrs
MatadorCyhalophrin-Lambdamost24 hrs
Cymbush, RipcordCypermethrinmostno time
DiazinonDiazinonvegetable cropsN/A
FuradanCarbofurancanola, mustard, potatoes, sugar beets48 hrs
DyloxTrichlorfonmost24 hrs
Guthion APM, SniperAzinphosmethylpotatoes, alfalfa, clover, rye4 days

Note: For areas where the average rainfall is less than 63 mm/year re-entry interval is 5 days.


Most fields will not be sprayed with herbicides during the crop inspection period. As a result the following chemical list is restricted to products applied to crop kinds that are inspected early.

Trade Name Common Name Crop Kinds Re-Entry Time
Compas 480EBromoxynilcanola12 hrs
Round UpGlyphosatecanolawhen dry
LibertyGlufosinate ammoniumcanola24 hrs
PursuitImazethapyrcanola, peasno time
Poast LSethoxydincanola, peas, lentil, flaxno time
GramoxoneParaquatcorn24 hrs
RegloneDiquatcanola , soybeans24 hrs
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