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  • Origin & Breeding: bred and selected by Agriculture Canada, the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Guelph, Ontario, from the cross (G68211 x G6521-4RY) made in 1970.
  • Year registered in Canada: 1987
  • Registration number: 2833
  • Maturity: mid-season

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium size, spreading, floppy. Stems medium green with some reddish pigment speckled on it; slight straight wings.
  • Leaves: yellowish green, open; pairs of leaflets not exact, especially towards base of leaf; midribs with slight wing and slightly pigmented at jonction with petiolule.
    Terminal leaflets: ovate, acute tip.
    Primary leaflets: narrowly ovate, acute tip; some small tertiary leaflets on petiolules.
    Secondary leaflets: small, ovate.
  • Flowers: buds pubescent, pigmented at base, dark band at articulation; small, dark purple corolla; golden yellow anthers; medium berry production.
  • Tubers: round to oval; smooth to slightly flaky, pinkish red skin; medium deep eyes, uniformly distributed, brighter pink-red than skin; bright yellow flesh.
  • Sprouts: conical; very pubescent; base pinkish-red; apex pinkish-yellow.

Agricultural Features

Medium yielding variety; high number of tubers per plant; medium-small size; short dormancy; medium specific gravity.

  • Utilization: moist flesh texture; good for boiling and baking; acceptable chipping quality at harvest.
  • Chief Markets: fresh market and seed export.

Reaction to Diseases

Good resistance: leaf roll, PVY.
Moderately resistant: common scab.
Susceptible: PVA, PVS, PVX.

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