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Leaf Flowers Plant
Sprout Tuber Sliced tuber


  • Origin & Breeding: bred by Frito-Lay Inc. from the cross (RD289-18 x Monona) in Rhinelander, Wisconsin (USA) in 1965. Tested and released as FL657.
  • Year registered in Canada: 1994
  • Registration number: 3971
  • Maturity: mid-season to late

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium to large; spreading; thick stems, mostly green with very light pubescence; wings slightly to moderately prominent.
  • Leaves: dark green, lightly pubescent.
    Terminal leaflets: ovate; tip cuspidate.
    Primary leaflets: four to five pairs; ovate, tip cuspidate, base asymmetrical.
    Secondary leaflets: few.
  • Flowers: moderately numerous; white; green calyx slightly pubescent.
  • Tubers: blocky to oval, slightly flattened; smooth buff skin; generally shallow eyes, medium-deep at apical end; pale yellow to cream flesh.
  • Sprouts: ovoid, pink, slightly pubescent.

Agricultural Features

High yielding variety; widely adapted; slow development early in season; slightly susceptible to hollow heart and internal necrosis; good chip color at harvest and after storage at 10°C or warmer; not well-suited to long term cold storage for chip processing; good storability; medium specific gravity.

REMARK: close spacing should be used to avoid oversize; difficult to kill vines under cool fall conditions.

  • Utilization: excellent boiling, baking and chipping quality.
  • Chief Market: chipping.

Reaction to Diseases

Highly resistant: PVX, PVY, leaf roll.
Moderately resistant: southern bacterial wilt.
Susceptible: verticillium wilt, pink eye, external brown spot in cold soils.
Highly susceptible: common scab.

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