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  • Origin & Breeding: bred from the cross (ND372-2R x ND223-8R) made in 1985 at the North Dakota State University and selected by the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Lethbridge Research Center, Alberta.
  • Year registered in Canada: 2000
  • Registration number: 5148
  • Maturity: mid-season

Botanical Features

  • Plants: medium, semi-erect growth; thick stems, moderately pigmented; prominent straight single wings; nodes moderately swollen, pigmented.
  • Leaves: medium green, mid-open, pubescent; petioles and midribs moderately pigmented.
    Terminal leaflets: medium ovate; tip acuminate; base truncate and symmetrical.
    Primary leaflets: four pairs; medium ovate; tip acuminate, base truncate and asymmetrical.
  • Flowers: numerous; intense blue-violet with a very prominent star; orange anthers; flower buds persistent, highly pigmented; medium berry production.
  • Tubers: oval; smooth red skin; shallow eyes, evenly distributed; eyebrows not prominent; cream coloured flesh.
  • Sprouts: spherical; strongly pubescent; very strong red-violet pigmentation at the base; apex weakly pigmented.

Agricultural Features

High yielding variety with medium number of tubers per plant. Medium specific gravity. Medium dormancy period. Good storability.

  • Utilization: low after cooking discolouration and low boiling sloughing; suitable for general consumption.
  • Chief Market: fresh market.

Reaction to Diseases

Moderately resistant: early blight.
Moderately susceptible: common scab, verticillium wilt.
Susceptible: late blight.

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