PI-009: Seed Potato Tuber Inspection
Appendix 14: Seed Potato Tuber Inspection Report

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14a: Seed Potato Tuber Inspection Report (Industry Use Only)

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Seed Potato Tuber Inspection Report. Description follows.

Description for The Seed Potato Tuber Inspection Report

This form can be used by growers or designated representatives to record the results for up to 5 tuber inspections on one form.

The form has spaces to record the elements of the tuber inspection and total the results of the inspection. The form has spaces to record;

Grower or Shipper, Certification number, Inspection point, Variety, Class, Size, Tuber Temperature, RBM no. or Tags, Vehicle Identification no., Vehicle Disinfection, Weight of truckload (MT) or # bags, Weight of each sample, Total number of tubers sampled and the Total number of tubers scored per category.

The categories are;

Oversize and undersize, Diseases, defects or conditions, Scab and Rhizoctonia, Soft rot or wet breakdown, Dry rot, Malformed, Damage, Internal necrosis, Total malformed and damage, Total disease and defects, Outgrown sprouts, Pressure bruises, Stem end discolouration, Tubers not firm, Foreign variety.

The from also has a space to record the Designated Representative or Grower Initials & Date Inspection was Conducted

14b Seed Potato Tuber Inspection Report (CFIA/ACIA 3076)

Note: Maximum tolerances listed in this example represent shipping point tolerances only. Tolerances at destination and markets other than Canada or the US may vary.
Seed Potato Tuber Inspection Report (CFIA/ACIA 3076)

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