Report on Beyond The Border Perimeter Security and Economic Competitiveness Action Plan: Asian Gypsy Moth Joint Assessment
Recommendations and Next Steps

Consideration should be given to further harmonization, as appropriate, between U.S. and Canadian processes at port of entry and to further refinement/streamlining of the program. For example:

  • NPPOs of regulated areas should establish formal processes to ensure consistency among and within certification bodies (e.g. standardized training, delivery standards, communication). This is expected to lead to increased consistency and increased compliance.
  • Within a regulated country, minimizing the number of periods during which inspection and certification is required should be considered, where possible, for ease of implementation and increased compliance.
  • Ongoing communication is critical to the success of the AGM vessel certification program. Engagement with NPPOs in regulated areas must be combined with education and outreach to the shipping industry. Joint memoranda to industry should continue as vessels often call on both Canada and the United States.
  • Determine if current requirements mitigate the risk of pest introduction or if modifications are required. (E.g. determine if the areas currently regulated for AGM and the specified periods are consistent with available literature and data for AGM detections. Are the current boundaries and timeframes appropriate or should they be modified? Any change to the areas regulated or the specified periods should be adopted by both the United States and Canada simultaneously with an appropriate transition period to ensure compliance).
  • Determine if further harmonization between the U.S. and Canadian processes can be achieved. (e.g., process at ports of arrival. Greater harmonization may lead to increased compliance. Must be science based and consistent with legislation in place).
  • The United States and Canada should continue to share information on pest pressure, survey data and detections as it becomes available.
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