Exporting canary seed to Mexico

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has launched a pilot program that allows for export certification of canary seed shipments to Mexico, even if low levels of regulated weeds seeds are detected prior to export. This new program aims to formalize Canada's compliance with Mexico's phytosanitary import requirements for canary seed and contribute to long-term trade stability for the sector.

Under the new program, the CFIA will:

  • continue to provide export certification of canary seed to Mexico which are processed at approved facilities,
  • attach an official weed seed analysis report to each phytosanitary certificate,
  • complete facility approval audits and manual reviews of processing facilities that request approval under the export program,
  • register approved processing facilities and provide Mexico with an updated list of facilities,
  • audit all approved processing facilities once per year,
  • perform random check inspections, and
  • monitor the effectiveness of the program on an ongoing basis.

Owners and staff of approved facilities in the canary seed program will:

  • ensure all requirements of the program are met and maintained,
  • ensure that strengthened internal quality management systems are in place,
  • generate an export certificate to accompany every consignment being exported to Mexico,
  • maintain good standing under the CFIA's Canadian Grain Sampling Program, and
  • continue to submit representative samples to third-party accredited laboratories for weed seed analysis to verify and document that Mexico's import requirements with respect to regulated weed seeds are being met.

For information on how to seek approval under the program, please contact the CFIA's Western Area Operations Specialist for Grains.

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