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Submission Completeness Checklist

The information included in the registration package must be organized in form of sections (tabs), as described in the "Guide to Submitting Applications for Registration Under the Fertilizers Act" document.

  •  A letter explaining the intent of the submission and outlining what change(s) is requested and for what reasons.
  •  A copy of the proposed marketplace label.
  •  A completed Fertilizer or Supplement Registration Application (CFIA/ACIA 3778) form with original signatures including:
    • Constituent materials: identification and description of all materials used in the production of the end-product, the source and proportion of these materials (include all formulants: dust controls or anticaking agents, etc.) For each constituent materials, the source must include:
      • Country of origin
      • Name of the distributor
      • Method of manufacture (by-product of another process, mining of materials, etc.)
      • CAS# (Chemical Abstract Service) if available/applicable
    • Other Qualities:
      • Physical characteristics (e.g., colour, granular/liquid, etc.)
      • Description of the manufacturing process, including a description of the production and formulation/blending processes. It should identify raw materials, including any recycled materials (by-products and wastes) used in the manufacture or formulation of the end-product, chemical reactions, techniques and any other parameters that may influence the safety of a product. A flow chart diagram accompanying the description is preferred.
      • Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC): A description of procedures used during the manufacture of the product to ensure consistency in production, and purity of the final product (e.g. testing of batches, heating/pasteurization of final product, monitoring at various stages of production, etc.)
      • Size guide number (SGN) for blending products.
  •  Registration Fee
    • Registration and safety review – $850.00 + HST
  •  Designation of signing authority T-4-95 or written indication that signing authority is unchanged from previously provided documentation.
  •  Declaration of Resident Canadian Agent (CFIA/ACIA 1194) (must be completed if the applicant / registration holder does not reside in Canada) or written indication that Canadian Agent is unchanged from previously provided documentation.
  •  Safety Rationale and Supplemental Data as requested in the "Guide to Submitting Applications for Registration Under the Fertilizers Act" document.

Major amendments may be made at the time of re-registration at the re-registration cost. The processing of a major amendment in between registration periods may extend the duration of the product registration.

The Fertilizer Section and Fertilizer Safety Office reserves the right to require additional information, data, fees, rationale or results of analysis to support the registration/approval of any product regulated under the Fertilizers Act and Regulations.

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