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The CFIA is responsible for regulating the safety and quality of food, animal and plant health in Canada. CFIA's official Guidance Documents provide the Agency's functional direction to its front line staff regarding their compliance verification activities. They also provide guidance to regulated parties regarding program requirements.

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Document Name Activities Date modified Type
Canadian Regulatory Requirements for Quality Management Program Import Licence Holders (QMPI Importers) Imports 2017-09-22 HTML
Canadian Regulatory Requirements for Fish Import Licence Holders (Basic Importers) Imports 2018-03-23 HTML
Fish Import Program - Glossary Imports 2013-02-07 HTML
Product Inspection of Imported Fish Imports 2015-03-19 HTML
Shellfish Harvest Area Closures Related to Significant Weather Events Communiques, Exports, Imports 2014-04-11 HTML
Fish Import Program Policy Imports 2013-02-14 HTML
QMPI Reference Standard Imports 2018-03-23 HTML
The Fish Import Program Regulatory Verification Process Imports 2013-02-14 HTML
Questions and Answers - Fish Import Program Imports 2014-11-12 HTML
Import Information By Jurisdiction Imports 2018-03-19 HTML
Ecuador - Preferred Status Processors Imports 2013-07-17 HTML
List of establishments approved to export live or raw molluscan shellfish from France to Canada Imports 2018-10-11 HTML
CFIA Confirmation Letter for the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon Biotoxin Monitoring Program Imports 2013-07-17 HTML
Protocol for the Export of Live Whelks from Saint-Pierre and Miquelon to Canada Imports 2014-07-22 HTML
Information for Enhanced QMP Importers using Private Laboratories for Testing Fish and Fish Products Imports 2013-07-22 HTML
Philippines - Preferred Status Processors Imports 2013-07-22 HTML
Importing Live And Raw Molluscan Shellfish Imports 2018-04-26 HTML
Guide - Process Control Technical Information Imports, Product Inspection 2014-10-06 HTML
Appendix 1 - Guidelines on the Sanitation and Hygiene Control Measures Imports 2014-10-06 HTML
Regulatory Standard - Process Control Document Requirements Imports, Product Inspection 2014-10-06 HTML
Instructions to Complete the Fish Import Notification Form Imports 2018-08-10 HTML
Enhanced Inspection List Imports, Product Inspection 2018-02-23 HTML
Listeria Environmental Sampling Program Checklist Exports, Imports, Quality Management 2014-10-19 HTML
Criteria for an Acceptable Supplier Quality Assurance Agreement Imports 2014-10-29 HTML
Instructions For Completing the CFIA National Import Service Centre Cover Sheet Imports 2014-10-31 HTML
Corrective Action Process Standard Imports, Quality Management 2014-10-31 HTML
Request for Permission to Move Fish Under Detention Imports 2014-11-17 HTML
List of Establishments Approved to Export Live or Raw Molluscan Shellfish from the Netherlands to Canada Imports 2017-01-13 HTML
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