Food Investigation Response Manual
Appendix 4C - Checklist for Gathering Implementation Information and Verifying the FIRM’s Recall Plan

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General information on the recalling firm:

  • Box proper name and address of recalling firm
  • Box after hours contact name and telephone number (cell phone number, if applicable)
  • Box company spokesperson for the media

Information on the implicated product:

  • Box area and where appropriate, specific store names and locations of distribution of the product
  • Box distribution date
  • Box copies of the product label (enlarged)
  • Box brand name
  • Box common name
  • Box package type, net content, size, weight and/or special marks or features
  • Box Date codes ("packaged on", "best before" as applicable to the product), lot codes, Global Trade Item Number(s) (GTIN)* (presented on package as UPC or EAN) cases codes/multi-pack codes/SKUs (all to be provided as applicable to the product)*Note: When all digits of the GTIN are printed on the product, the complete GTIN (i.e. the GTIN 8, 12, 13 or 14, as applicable, is to be provided. When the UPC E (8 digit, zero suppressed) format is printed on the product, the complete GTIN (12 digits) plus provide the human readable UPC E (8 digits)
  • Box expiry dates/best before dates/use by
  • Box any reported complaints or illnesses or reactions made to the recalling firm
  • Box storage conditions
  • Box product preparation instructions
  • Box quantity produced
  • Box how it is packaged (i.e. units per case)
  • Box warehouse stock
  • Box amount in distribution
  • Box target population (i.e. infants, elderly, special dietary needs)
  • Box country of origin
  • Box association with any other recall (e.g. originally recalled product used as an ingredient in other secondary store made products (e.g. sandwiches, pizza, etc.)
  • Box if the product(s) has/have already been removed from sale/distribution and the date of remove from sale/distribution

Notice of recall

  • Box brief and to the point
  • Box name of recalling firm initiating the recall to appear first with information re: where sold stated later in notice
  • Box identifies the product, size, lot numbers, brand name, common name, package type, net content, size, weight, date codes, lot codes, GTIN (plus UPC E if used), case code/SKU, packaged on/best before dates as applicable, storage conditions, country of origin, where to look for the code on the package, etc.
  • Box area and where appropriate specific store names and locations of distribution of the product
  • Box reason for recall
  • Box if the product(s) has/have already been removed from sale/distribution and date of removal
  • Box instructions on what must be done with the affected product
  • Box describes the means for contacting the recalling firm to confirm receipt, advise on quantities on hand and/or further distribution
  • Box request the recipient advise any accounts they may have forwards the product to

Distribution list

  • Box name, address and telephone number of the consignee
  • Box contact persons
  • Box type of consignee
  • Box the product brand, package type
  • Box GTIN (plus UPC E if used, case code/SKU)
  • Box lot, date or production code
  • Box expiry or best before dates
  • Box quantity shipped
  • Box date shipped

Effectiveness check plan

  • Box number of consignees to be contacted meets or exceeds requirements of the appropriate sampling plan
  • Box date of initiation
  • Box date of completion
  • Box plan for addressing deviations

Product action

  • Box clearly described in the plan
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