Food Investigation Response Manual
Appendix 4A - Standardized CFIA Recall Confirmation Letter to Recalling Firm


(Address of the Recalling Firm)

Attention: (Name of Recalling Firm Contact)

RE: Recall of (brand name, common name, size, lot code of affected product. Where there are several products, state a general description, e.g. product type)

Dear (Name of Recalling Firm Contact):

This letter will confirm our discussion held on (date), at which time you agreed to immediately initiate recall action on the following product(s):

(List - brand name, common name, size, lot code)

The details of the recall are as follows:

  • Recall Classification: (I, II, or III. Include "with a Public Warning" where applicable)
  • Depth of Recall: (distributor, institutional, retail, consumer)
  • Reason for Product Recall: (state the reason, e.g. undeclared milk protein, and the name of the legislation/regulation and section of the legislation/regulation contravention, e.g. contravention of subsection 5(1) of the Food and Drugs Act)

(Choose the appropriate paragraph)

(For Class I and II recall situations) In the event that your firm fails to immediately initiate recall action, the CFIA will recommend to the Minister of Health to sign a mandatory recall order pursuant to subsection 19(1) of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency Act.

(For a Class III situation) In the event that your firm fails to immediately initiate a recall, the CFIA will take appropriate action which may include detention, seizure, prosecution or other enforcement action.

In the implementation of the recall your firm will prepare a notice of recall for review by the undersigned, produce a list of accounts who received the product in the (time period, e.g. last year, last 3 months, etc.), and immediately advise each account in writing, where possible, of the recall and the action to be taken on the product. An example of a Notice of Recall to be sent to your accounts is attached.

Action to be taken on product subject to recall action: (state the agreed upon action, e.g. re-labelling, reworking, etc.) upon approval and verification by the CFIA. All returned products will be segregated from other products in order to prevent inadvertent use of shipment of the recalled product back to the market.

You are requested to provide the undersigned with a distribution list of your firm's accounts which received the recalled product by (date). This list should include the following information for each account:

  • name of firm
  • street address, unit number, city/town, province
  • telephone number
  • name of contact
  • date product was shipped to the firm
  • amount of product shipped

As discussed, your firm will maintain records confirming that each account was contacted including:

  • the date contacted, the method of contact, e.g. by telephone, fax and/or E-mail, and the name of the contact
  • the amount of product on site at each account at the time of the recall
  • the action taken by each account, e.g. returned product to your firm's warehouse

This information should be summarized in a report and forwarded to the undersigned by (date). Canadian Food Inspection Agency staff will be contacting a selected number of accounts to verify the effectiveness of the recall. If you require any additional information, please contact the undersigned at (phone number).

Yours truly,

(Name of Lead Inspector)
Attachment: Notice of Recall Template

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