Chapter 4 - Inspection Criteria for a Sugar Bush Establishment
4.1 Building Exterior

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4.1.1 Outside Property and Building


The outside areas and building exteriors are designed built and maintained in such a way as to ensure a quality product that is hygienically prepared to avoid contamination.

Assessment Criteria

Building location

  • located away from environmental contaminants

Roads and surrounding areas

  • free from debris, garbage and pest harborage areas
  • in good condition and accessible to vehicles
  • well drained
  • maintained so as to minimize environmental risks

Design, construction and maintenance of the building

  • all openings protected
  • roof, walls and foundations prevent leaks

Collection system for sap

  • pumping station and tubing that allow for good drainage, such as with an adequate slope
  • ability to withstand repeated cleanings and sanitations
  • covered or adequately protected sap collection reservoirs (collection tank)
  • buckets with covers


  • For cleaning and sanitation of the sap collection system, refer to tasks 4.7.4 Other Areas - Equipment and Utensils Cleanliness and 4.7.5 Sanitation Program.
  • For sap collection buckets and sap collection reservoirs (collection tank) that contain lead, refer to task 4.5.1 Design, Construction and Installation.

Rating I - Examples

  • N/A = Not Applicable

Rating II - Examples

  • Exterior roofs and walls with openings that allow access to contaminants and pest.
  • Debris, garbage, waste and large quantities of stagnant water on the surrounding grounds can house pest and risk that they contaminate the food.

Rating III - Examples

  • Exterior roofs and walls in poor condition, but without openings that allow access to contaminants and pest.
  • Small accumulation of debris, garbage, waste and stagnant water on the grounds surrounding the establishment.
  • Maple sap pumping stations and tubing that do not provide good drainage, particularly due to an inadequate slope.


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