Processed Products Establishment Inspection Manual

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The primary purpose of this manual is to provide inspectors with a ready made reference of procedures to follow in their work. It will also be of assistance in training new personnel and in maintaining uniformity in our inspection work.

An attempt has been made to include guidelines for the inspection of all registered processed products establishments. This manual is meant to serve as guidance in the traditional method of food processing establishment inspection, but it cannot cover all peculiarities that may develop from time to time. When issues not covered by the manual arise, the Program Network Specialist should be consulted for assistance. The Processed Products Establishment Inspection Manual is not meant to serve as a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) document, but the Manual could be used as a reference in the development of such quality management systems.

The Processed Products Establishment Inspection Manual has been incorporated into CFIA's new inspection database "Multi Commodity Activities Programme" (MCAP). Relevant information related to Registered Processed Product Food Establishments has been entered and stored in the database. Inspection worksheets and reports derived from inspections are generated from the MCAP database.


This manual has no precedence over any federal regulations. For legal requirements, consultation of the appropriate set of regulations is recommended.

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