Canada Organic Office Peer Review of the United States National Organic Program
9.0 Peer Review Observations

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The observations presented in this report cover all structures of the USDA NOP.

Observation #1

The NOP Checklist Rev.4/2012 does not make any reference to the USCOEA and there is no written evidence that compliance to terms of arrangement is verified during the on site audits at the certifying agents.

Observation #2

The NOP Witness audit checklist Rev.3/2012 does not prompt the NOP auditors to ask questions on the USCOEA and verify how it is implemented by the accredited Certifying Agents.

Observation #3

During the review of an operator file a discrepancy between the projected yield of blueberries verified during the on-site inspection and the yield recorded on the organic certificate for the USCOEA was identified.

Observation #4

During the discussion with QCS the peer review team has determined that QCS does not clearly identify the person responsible for making the certification decisions.

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