Canada Organic Office Peer Review of the United States National Organic Program
10.0 General Comments and Conclusion

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10.1 General Comments

  • The peer review team has observed that NOP has identified and focused on ten (10) key points for maintaining organic integrity including clear, enforceable standards and continual improvement.
  • NOP has developed a document matrix which includes rules, interpretative rules, instructions, guidance documents, policy memos, and formal letters.
  • With regards to the accreditation activities in 2012 NOP took over the responsibility for scheduling the audits and assigning the auditors from the GVD.
  • NOP has provided training to the NOP accredited certifying agencies regarding the new rules and requirements such as residue testing and unannounced inspections.
  • The two visited accredited Certifying Agents are aware of the terms of the USCOEA and take responsibility for ensuring that the variances are verified during the operation inspection.
  • The reviewed operation files confirmed that the accredited Certifying Agents inspectors are trained and properly record the verification of the variances.
  • The interviews with the farmers and production managers revealed that the accredited Certifying Agents have communicated the terms of the USCOEA to them and they are familiar with the critical variances and the labelling requirements for exports to Canada.

10.2 Conclusion

  • NOP has developed and posted on their website information about the USCOEA.
  • NOP Accreditation Managers are able to guide the ACA in case of inquiries about the USCOEA
  • ACA Inspectors conduct thorough inspections following strictly the procedures established by the ACAs.
  • The ACAs manage their files and records in consistent manner.
  • Farmers and processors appear to understand the terms of the USCOEA and how to comply with them.
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