Peer Review Report of the United States
National Organic Program

Section 4 - Comments - Conclusions

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General Comments

4.1 The US exports a considerable volume of organic products to Canada. It is estimated that Canada is the largest estimated export market for US organic products. Nearly 70 percent of Canada's organic consumption comes from imports, and 90 percent of those imports come from the United States. Organic produce and processed foods are estimated to make up the majority of US organic products exported to Canada.

Comments for Further Discussion

4.2 Canada respectfully requests results of NOP request to NOSB to prohibit the use of Chilean Nitrate in Organic products. This decision will assist the USCOEA WG to clarify the US policy on the issue and to determine it's potential as a critical variance within the USCOEA.

4.3 NOP has modified its accreditation process. Currently, the NOP accreditation and re-accreditation processes include a number of activities that are assigned to the NOP employees or ARC Branch employees which differs from the accreditation process which was discussed during the US-Canada Organic Equivalence Arrangement discussions.

NOP Comments:

The NOP and ARC have indeed made some minor changes in the responsibilities for performing certain audit functions and the interface between ARC and the NOP. NOP will be glad to provide updated working instructions reflecting these changes.

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