Canada Organic Regime Operating Manual
Appendix A - Certificate Template - Informative

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Organic Certificate

Pursuant to the Organic Products Regulations, 2009

Issued by ( insert CB name, address)

Certification number:

Operator name and address:

This certification is based on compliance with the

CAN/CSGB -32.310/ 32.311-2006 General Principles and Management Standards and Permitted Substances Lists


The terms of the US / Canada organic equivalence agreement (when applicable)

Certification Type:

(Product listing addendum for certified products)

Date on which the certification is issued:

Date by which the operator shall submit application for subsequent annual inspection:

This certification remains valid unless suspended or cancelled by the (insert the name of the CB) pursuant to the Organic Products Regulations, 2009.

Signed by:

(CB authorized representative)


Date modified: