Interpretation of C.10 requirements when an operator changes a CB under COR

Date: December 27, 2013

To: Conformity Verification Bodies (CVB) designated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and the Certification Bodies (CB) accredited by the CFIA

Subject: Interpretation of C.10 requirements of the Canada Organic Office (COO) Operating Manual when an operator changes a CB under the Canada Organic Regime (COR)

Section C.10 of the COO Operating Manual is applicable only in cases when the operator holds a valid organic certificate and wishes to change their current CB.

  • When an operator decides to change their current CB (sending) to a new CB (receiving) an application form prescribed by the new CB shall be completed following the application requirements as per C.2.1 of the COO Operating Manual.
  • The receiving CB shall request information on the name of the applicant's current Certification Body (sending), including all details pertaining to processing of the operator's previous application, and the resulting decision.
  • The receiving CB shall validate the submitted information with the sending CB as per clause C.7.18 of the COO Operating Manual and shall address all non-conformities as per C.2.7.1 prior to making a certification decision.
  • Clause C.10.1.4 from the COO Operating Manual shall be interpreted as "The operator shall not use up existing supplies of labels which identify their previous CB on products they produce from the moment the operator receives the new certificate."
  • Clause C.10.2.1 from the COO Operating Manual shall be interpreted as: "The receiving CB shall inform the sending CB within 5 business days that they issued a compliance certificate. The sending CB shall notify the operator that it terminates the certification agreement it has with the operator and that it will no longer monitor the compliance of its operation only after a notification from the receiving CB is received."

The sending CB shall report the cancellation in the monthly report to the CFIA as a "cancellation due to a CB change"

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