Clarification of C.2.7.2 - Elements of the Organic Certificate

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Date: February 24, 2015

To: Conformity Verification Bodies (CVB) designated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Certification Bodies (CB) accredited by the CFIA

Subject: Elements required on organic product certificates

Sections 13 and 15 of the Organic Product Regulations require that CBs issue to the applicant documents confirming the organic certification of the product. There are two types of documents that can be issued: Organic Product Certification documents or Packaging and Labelling Certification documents. In accordance with the Canada Organic Office Operating Manual, the documents should contain the following information:

  1. The name of the certification body
  2. The name of the holderFootnote 1 of the certificate or document
  3. A list of the certified products, which shall be identified by their specific product nameFootnote 2 and any trademarks under which they are marketed
  4. The standards, or other normative documents concerning, under which each product or product type is certified
  5. The applicable type of certification
    • If for Producing/Processing
      • Crop Production
      • Grain Production
      • Livestock Production
      • Maple Production
      • Specialized Production (e.g. bee-keeping)
      • Processing
    • If for Packaging and Labelling Certificates
      • Packaging and Labelling
  6. The date on which the certification was granted
  7. The date on which:
    • The operator shall submit an application for subsequent annual inspection
      •  Only for Organic Product Certification documents
    • The certification document expires
      •  Only for Packaging and Labelling Certification documents
  8. The locationFootnote 3 of all operations covered by this certification
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