Canadian Carcass Poultry Grading Program – Inspection Manual for Graded Poultry
1 Introduction

This manual has been prepared for the purpose of providing the CFIA personnel and the operator of a registered establishment with a ready source of information relating to procedures and practices that should be followed in the course of the administration and enforcement of the Canada Agricultural Products Act and the Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations.

This manual will be updated from time to time to ensure that it is current. Inspectors are encouraged to forward any ideas or new material that they consider appropriate to his respective Area Poultry Grading Specialist. In the interests of providing uniform national direction, the responsibility for the instructions in the manual rests with the Director of the Meat Program Division.

For any comments or questions on the Canadian Poultry Grading Program, please contact the Area Poultry Grading officer as per the following list:

Dr. Peter Scott Savage, E-mail:
Mr. Lorne Peach, E-mail:

Centre opérationnel du Québec
Dr. Anne Lemay, E-mail:
Mr. Normand Olszensky, E-mail:

Centre opérationnel de l'Ontario
Dr. Wendy Powell, E-mail:
Mr. Gerald Martyniuk, E-mail: Gerald

Centre opérationnel de l'Ouest
Dr. Gurpreet Deol, E-mail:
Mr. Tom Alexander, E-mail:

The parameters of operation established by the Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations are based on good food manufacturing practices. These involve proper preparation practices and quality control.

1.1 Authority and Credentials

Each CFIA poultry grader should have in his or her possession as evidence of authority, a "Certificate of Designation" issued by the President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and which is prescribed in the Act and Regulations.

The authority for carrying out the provisions and requirements of the Regulations is provided for in the CAPS Act.

As specified in section 3 of Part I of the Livestock and Poultry Carcass Grading Regulations (LPCGR), no person other than a grader shall grade a poultry carcass for the purposes of the Act and these Regulations. As defined in the regulations, a "grader" means a grader designated by the President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

In order to meet the "Designation" requirements for the poultry graders, the following CFIA personnel must be designated:

  • The CFIA Area Poultry Grading Auditor;
  • The CFIA Poultry Grading Evaluator (international market);

For more explanation related to the CFIA designation process, please refer to the Area Poultry Grading Specialist. Section "Industry Personnel Designation Process" of this manual explains the designation process for the industry personnel.

The CFIA poultry grader's authority to enforce the Act and Regulations applies in all situations where graded processed poultry is marked with a Canada grade name.

If the authority of a CFIA poultry grader is challenged in the course of applying a provision of the Act or Regulations he should immediately refer the issue to the Area Poultry Grading Specialist.

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