Chapter 6 - Inedible Meat Products
6.3 Conditions Under Which Condemned Meat Products to be Sterilized may be Shipped from a Registered Establishment

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Frequency of Shipment

Generally, it is understood that a daily pick-up service of condemned meat products is provided. If refrigeration is provided in the room where the condemned meat products are stored, the area program specialist may give permission for less frequent pick-up.

Containers for Shipment

Bulk containers or barrels used for shipment of denatured condemned meat products, from one registered establishment to another registered establishment or to an authorised inedible rendering plant, shall be impervious, in good repair, and shall be returned in a clean condition. They shall be marked with the word "CONDEMNED".

Appendix II, FSEP Prerequisite Program Checklist Cross Reference

A 2.4 and A 2.5

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