11.7.3 Vietnam

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Canada and Vietnam have reached an agreement on the sanitary conditions applicable to the export of pork, beef and poultry meat.

It is a requirement that the expiry date must be present on the product packaging of all meat shipments exported to Vietnam. To ensure this requirement is met, the authorities will inspect product packaging for the presence of the production and expiry dates. If no expiry date is found on the product packaging, the load will not be permitted to enter the country and will be returned to Canada. The exporter/importer is responsible to ensure that the products are labelled in keeping with Vietnamese requirements.

Exporters must be aware that Vietnam has specific chemical residues (Maximum Residue Limits (MRL)) and microbiological requirements for meat products that may differ from Canadian requirements. Imported products may be subject to testing upon arrival in Vietnam and may be rejected when found out of compliance. Import prohibitions or restrictions

Establishments must be approved by Vietnam authorities. The operator must apply for approval by completing Appendix III of Circular 25/2010, available from the Area office - Export Specialist. The approval procedure will take minimum 30 working days after submission of the required information to the Vietnamese authorities.

*Refer to Annex 1 for the list of approved establishments.*

Beef products: see Annex C for details. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

For pork meat (bone-in and boneless pork edible products derived from a pig carcass, including bones but excluding offal): issue Annex A.

For pork offal (heart, liver and kidney): issue Annex A-1.

For poultry: issue Annex B.

For beef products: issue Annex C. Special marking and packaging requirements

Nil Other requirements


See a CFIA Inspector to obtain certificates

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