11.7.3 Venezuela

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The procedure for exporting to Venezuela is quite a complicated one and it is advised that a Venezuelan agent be retained. The difficulties and delays which may be experienced can be minimized by this step.

Before meat products may be shipped to Venezuela, an import licence must be obtained. It is the responsibility of the Venezuelan importer to obtain a valid licence. In addition, meat products may be required to be registered by the Ministry of Agriculture or the Ministry of Health. Registration must be requested by a Venezuelan importer and he will have to provide product and label samples. Therefore, all documents and submissions should be directed to the importer.

Details of the registration process may be obtained from Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Import prohibitions or restrictions

Poultry meat - Avian Influenza: Only cooked poultry products may be imported into Venezuela if the conditions indicated on the import permit can be met. Specific or additional inspectional procedures

Nil Additional certification

In the case of pork, the following certification, in Spanish and English, is to be endorsed in the Additional Certification section of form CFIA/ACIA 1454:

"I certify that the product shipped under the certificate has been processed by a method, approved by the Government of Canada, which is adequate to destroy any possible live trichinae. I further certify that this product has been held in a freezer for a period of not less than spacehours at a temperature not in excess of space°C."


"Yo certifico que el producto enviado y amparado por este certificado ha sido procesado por métodos aprobados por el Gobierno del Canadá y que son adecuados para destruir cualquier triquina, que este producto ha sido mantenido en un congelador durante un periodo no menor de spacehoras y a una temperatura no excediendo spacegrados Centigrados."

Firma Special Packaging for marking requirements

Nil Other requirements


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