11.7.3 United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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A certificate in respect of ritual slaughter is required for beef, including veal, lamb and also for poultry meats. The exporter is responsible to make the necessary arrangements with an Islamic Organization to obtain certification acceptable to the UAE authorities. The operator is responsible to ensure that the labelling is in compliance with UAE requirements.

The certification required should be endorsed by the Embassy of the UAE. The exporter is responsible to ensure that this requirement is met to the satisfaction of the UAE authorities. Import prohibitions or restrictions Import prohibitions

Pork, pork fat or pork products and any percentage of pork mixed with other meat products are not permitted. However, available information indicates that Dubai and Abu Dhabi are an exception and permit imports of pork meat/pork meat products. The point of entry for these products in the UAE should be Dubai. Import restrictions

Beef: please refer to Annex A for applicable additional requirements.

Veal: please refer to Annex B for applicable additional requirements. Imported meat products

Beef products for export to the UAE, processed in Canada may contain legally imported beef from New Zealand. The operator/exporter is responsible for obtaining a declaration from the competent authorities of New Zealand. The competent authorities must declare that the producing establishment of the beef to be exported to Canada is approved by the UAE authorities, and that the beef is eligible for direct export to the UAE. The declaration must be kept on file with the Canadian export certificate. In addition to certification requirements mentioned in section, the following certificates/documents will be required for export of such meat products to the UAE:

  1. A copy of numbered Halal certificate from New Zealand which indicates that meat was exported from New Zealand to a Canadian registered meat establishment with numberspace in Canada.
  2. A Halal certificate from Canada indicating that establishment numberspace in Canada had used meat imported from New Zealand with Halal certificate numberspace which is the same number as indicated in Halal certificate from New Zealand. Specific or additional inspectional procedures

Nil Additional certification

Beef: Annex A must be issued. It can be used for Over Thirty Months and Under Thirty Months.

Ready to Eat Beef product: Annex A must be issued.

Veal: Annex B must be issued.

Poultry: Annex C must be issued for export of Chilled and Frozen Poultry Meat; and Annex D for Heat-Treated Poultry Meat Products.

Lamb: CFIA 1454 must be used to export lamb meat to UAE. Special marking and packaging requirements

All meat items must be identified, in Arabic, as per the species of animal. Labels for meat and meat products exported to the UAE must have the production and expiry date. Other requirements


See a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates

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