11.7.3 Syria General information

Exports are normally in response to tenders issued by the Syrian General Institution of Consumption, and these tenders will set conditions, such as the age and sex of the slaughtered animals and the lapsed time permitted between slaughter and arrival in Syria. Import prohibitions or restrictions

  1. Animals from which carcasses are derived shall not have been treated with hormones or other substances.
  2. The pleura and peritoneum shall be free from lesions, be intact and in their natural position.
  3. Beef may be exported as either chilled or frozen quarters.
  4. Mutton and lamb may be exported as either chilled or frozen carcasses. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

  1. Certification must be validated by a Syrian Embassy or Consulate.
  2. A certificate in respect of ritual slaughter is required. Special marking and packaging requirements

  1. The date of slaughter must be legibly stamped on each carcass.
  2. In addition to normal requirements, each stockinette outer cover must bear the following information in Arabic, and in French or English.
    1. date of slaughter
    2. either the words "Mashi", "Syria" or "General Institution of Consumption, Damascus, Syria." Other requirements


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