11.7.3 Saudi Arabia

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Export requirements have been established for meat products derived from cattle.

A certificate pertaining to ritual slaughter is required. Trade parties are responsible for making the necessary arrangements with an Islamic Organization to obtain certification acceptable to Saudi authorities.

The certification required should be endorsed by a Saudi Diplomatic Mission or a substitute. Trade parties are responsible for ensuring that this requirement is met to the satisfaction of the Saudi authorities.

Trade parties are responsible for ensuring that the products are labelled in accordance with applicable Saudi labelling requirements as outlined in the Saudi Arabia Standards Organization (SASO) number 9/1995 "Labels of Packed Food Commodities". A copy of the standards, available to the CFIA, has been distributed and should be used by the operator of approved establishments to ensure compliance.

Trade parties are responsible to take appropriate measures to ensure compliance with all applicable finished products standards (e.g., chilling or freezing temperatures, compositional standards, chemical residues or microbiological requirements) established under various Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Standards (GS) or SASO. Copies of the following standards, available to the CFIA, were distributed and should be used by the operator of approved establishments to ensure compliance: (GS) No. 993/1998, 997/1998, 996/1998, 815/1997, 504/1994, and Saudi Standards Specification No. 1668/2000, 1667/2000, 958/1994, 1425/1998, 1423/1998 and 137/1997, and the Ministerial Decisions No. 123 dated 16/1/1422H and No. 1666 dated 15/9/1421H.

Operators are responsible to ensure that the most current version of applicable standards is used.

The products are subject to Saudi import controls. Trade parties are responsible for ensuring that all applicable requirements are met or to dispose of the products as deemed appropriate by Saudi competent authorities when a non compliance is identified as a result of import inspection. Import prohibitions or restrictions Pork, pork fat or pork products and any percentage of pork mixed with other meat product are not permitted. Meat products derived from cattle

  • Only meat products from boneless skeletal muscle derived from animals of less than 30 months of age are considered eligible.
  • Establishment: only meat produced in establishments approved by Saudi Arabia is eligible for export.

*Refer to Annex 1 for the list of approved establishments*

Operators interested in obtaining approval for an establishment should submit an application as per usual procedures. The approval process may require an on-site visit by Saudi officials. The trade parties will be responsible for making the necessary arrangements, when applicable. Additional information for registration of establishments and exporters is available on the Saudi Food & Drug Authority website.

Approved establishments are subject to inspection by Saudi Arabia officials. Trade parties are responsible for making arrangements when such inspections are requested by the Saudi authorities. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

Meat products derived from cattle: Annex A must be issued. Special marking and packaging requirements

Nil Other requirements

The shipping container must be sealed with an official seal.

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