11.7.3 Kuwait

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Game buffalo meat, mutton, lamb and goat meat in the form of carcasses, bone-in and boneless cuts, salt meat, smoked meat, minced meat (sausage meat), offal, poultry and canned products may be exported. Import prohibitions or restrictions Import prohibitions

Beef - BSE: The importation of beef is prohibited.

Pork, lard and products containing pork, pig fat or alcohol: The importation of these products is prohibited. Import restrictions

Preserved meat and meat products shall not contain sodium nitrate in excess of 500 mg/kg measured as nitrate, free sulphur dioxide in excess of 450 mg/kg or starch in excess of 4% on a dry weight basis. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

  1. A certificate in respect of ritual slaughter is required.
  2. Additionally, for preserved meat products, the manufacturer shall provide a declaration, under company letterhead, as to the kind of meat and composition of the product, including fat content, on a percentage basis. The declaration shall be completed by an official veterinarian, as follows:

    "I, the undersigned, a duly qualified veterinary surgeon in the employ of the Government of Canada, have no reason to doubt the truth of this declaration.

    Date Signature of Official Veterinarian" Special packaging or marking requirements

  1. Carcasses shall be branded to indicate compliance with Halal ritual slaughter requirements.
  2. Consumer-sized packages of meat and meat products require Arabic labelling detailing the trade description, product contents, date of manufacture and expiry date. There is no objection to dual labelling in English and Arabic. Other requirements


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