11.7.3 Jordan

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A certificate in respect of ritual slaughter is required. The exporter is responsible to make the necessary arrangements with an Islamic organization to obtain certification acceptable to Jordanian authorities.

The exporter/importer is responsible to label the product according to applicable Jordanian requirements (e.g., in Arabic).

The certification required may have to be endorsed by the Embassy of Jordan. The exporter/importer is responsible to ensure that the applicable requirement is met to the satisfaction of the Jordanian authorities. Import prohibitions or restrictions

It is doubtful if pork or pork products would be acceptable, but this fact should be checked with the appropriate authorities.

Poultry meat - Avian Influenza: The importation of poultry meat is prohibited.
Beef - see Annex A. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

In the case of beef products, Annex A must be issued. Special packaging or marking requirements

Nil Other requirements


Please see a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates (Annex A).

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