11.7.3 Jamaica

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It is permitted to export to Jamaica poultry feet harvested prior to post mortem inspection. Specific requirements are in this section.

Beef meat and meat products derived from over thirty months animals are allowed for export to Jamaica.

For other products, please also refer to the section on West Indies. Import prohibitions or restrictions Import prohibitions

Nil Import restrictions

Effective June 11, 2012, all restrictions regarding Avian Influenza on poultry meat originating from Saskatchewan have been lifted. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Monitoring of the quality control is implemented by the operator. Additional certification

For poultry feet: the certificate in Annex A must be issued.

Note: Form CFIA/ACIA 1454 must be issued for statistical purposes only and must not accompany the shipment. Only Part 2 and Part 3 must be kept and distributed as indicated. Part 1 must be destroyed.

For beef: Annex C must be issued. Special marking and packaging requirements

All products exported to Jamaica must be labelled as following: "Product of Country" should read "Product of Canada".

Poultry feet harvested prior to post-mortem inspection: shipping cartons shall be labelled with the phrase "for export". Other requirements

Facility requirements for the harvesting of poultry feet are contained in Annex B.

With the exception of the harvesting of the feet prior to post-mortem inspection, all usual requirements applicable to edible poultry feet must be met - reference section of Chapter 19 of this manual.

See a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates.

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