11.7.3 Honduras

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The conditions mentioned in this section apply to pork and beef. Import prohibitions or restrictions

Nil Specific or additional inspection procedures

Beef and pork:

In addition to Canadian preoperational and operational sanitation requirements, the pork and beef establishments must comply with the provisions of Annex U and T of section 11.7.3 – United States. In addition, beef establishments must meet testing requirements for E. coli non-O157H7 STEC as per Annex D2 of section 11.7.3 – United States.

Carcasses of different species must not be kept in the same chiller. However, the meat product from different species processed and packed in boxes is allowed to be stored in the same freezer. Additional certification

Form CFIA/ACIA 1454 must be completed and accompany the shipment going to Honduras.

Pork meat products: Annex A must be issued.
Beef meat products: Annex B must be issued. Special packaging or marking requirements

Nil Other requirements


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