11.7.3 Fiji

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Before any shipment of meat product to the Fiji Islands is made, an import permit must be obtained from the Assistant Director of Agriculture (Animal Health and Production), Department of Agriculture of Fiji.

If needed, exporters may obtain additional information from the Director of Agriculture at the Department office on Roadwell Road, Fiji. Import prohibitions or restrictions

The importation of fresh meat products into the Fiji Islands from Canada is prohibited.

Meat products for which permits may be obtained:

  1. Pre-cooked poultry in Cryovac bags.
  2. Canned sterile meat. Up to 2% of the consignment may be subject to bacteriological examination to ensure the absence of bacteriological growth.
  3. Canned sterile animal fats and food products containing animal fats. The consignments are subject to bacteriological examination on arrival. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

A Certificate of Inspection covering Meat Product, form CFIA/ACIA 1454, must accompany each shipment.

Time and temperature of sterilization process, in the case of sterilized canned products, shall be indicated. Special marking and packaging requirements

Nil Other requirements


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