Annex R: The Canadian Program for Certifying Freedom from Growth Enhancing Products (GEPs) for the Export of Beef to the European Union (EU)
4. Additional requirements

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The first condition in order for Canadian EU approved federally registered beef establishments to access European Union markets is that the beef must be derived from eligible animals as prescribed under the GEP program described above.

Preferential rate tariff quotas under which Canadian beef may enter the European Union exist. Please refer to Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures Chapter 11, section on European Union High Quality Bovine Meat - European Union import tariffs and Annex R-13 for additional details.

Applicants wishing to take advantage of the European Union Tariff Rate Quota for High Quality Beef must apply and submit an enrolment form to the CFIA District Veterinarian and the CFIA Approved Veterinarian to be included in the program. This will allow the beef products derived from the eligible animals to qualify for the EU Tariff Free Quota which is described in European Regulation (EC) 481/2012 (see Annex R-13 for more details).

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