Chapter 11 – Export
11.7 Special Requirements by Export Markets

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11.7.1 Introduction

While the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is responsible for ensuring that specific requirements as described in the appropriate sections have been met prior to certifying shipments for export, it is the responsibility of management to determine what special requirements are demanded by the competent authorities of the market of destination in respect to permits, prohibited products, special procedures and certification, and to meet applicable requirements and to verify where applicable that the information on hand is still valid.

Wherever information on requirements is forwarded directly to headquarters this information will be incorporated in this section. It would be appreciated if all information obtained by plant managements be forwarded for verification and inclusion in the manual. The information in this section reflects the information currently on hand. For each market available information is provided under the following headings:

  1. General information
  2. Import prohibitions or restrictions
  3. Specific or additional inspection procedures
  4. Additional certification
  5. Special marking and packaging requirements
  6. Other requirements

Where no information is available this will be indicated by "Nil".

Please note that the export certificates (Annexes identified under heading 4 - Additional certification) for each country are only available through a CFIA inspector in a registered establishment.

11.7.2 Index of Export Markets

Markets have been listed in alphabetical order.

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