11.7.3 Egypt

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Meat products exported to Egypt are usually supplied under contracts. An import licence must be obtained by the importer. The importer/exporter are responsible to make the necessary arrangements with the Egyptian authorities to obtain the import licence. Establishments must be approved by Egyptian authorities. On-site review may be required. The importer/exporter are responsible to make the necessary arrangements with the Egyptian authorities, including on-site inspection of the Canadian establishments when required by Egypt. Only meat products derived from animals slaughtered in keeping with Islamic rites and certified accordingly by an accepted Islamic Association may be exported. The exporter/importer are responsible to supply the required Halal certification as well as the required authorization from the Egyptian Embassy in Canada for all the certificates issued for the shipment. The exporter/importer are responsible to label the product according to applicable Egyptian requirements (e.g., in arabic). Import prohibitions or restrictions

Beef: please refer to Annex A or B, as applicable, for detailed requirements. Please note that only bone-in/boneless beef, including offal (e.g., livers, hearts and kidneys), derived from animals aged less than 30 months are considered eligible (see annex A or B, as applicable for detailed requirements). Please also note that dorsal root ganglia must be removed from the products destined to export.

Horse Intestines: Egypt allows importation of horse intestines / green offal (with mucosa), prepared as per Chapter 17 of Meat Hygiene Manual of Procedures. Egyptian authorities have agreed that the Egyptian importers will remove mucosa from the green offal for manufacturing casings. CFIA 1454 can be issued provided all the requirements of import licence are met. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification


  • boneless beef: Annex A must be issued
  • bone-in beef: Annex B must be issued Special packaging or marking requirements

Nil Other requirements


See a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates

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