11.7.3 Dominican Republic

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A permit from the Livestock Department of the Secretariat of State for Agriculture is required for the importation of meat products into Dominican Republic. Import prohibitions or restrictions

Beef – BSE: The importation of beef is prohibited.

Export of tallow – Tallow from beef with 0.15% insoluble impurities can be exported to Dominican Republic.

Poultry meat – Avian Influenza: The importation of poultry meat from British Colombia is prohibited. Certificate should indicate origin of the product. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification

Annex A - Only Annex A is to accompany the shipment to Dominican Republic. The CFIA/ACIA 1454 must not be completed and is to be used only for the purpose of obtaining a serial number which should be typed on Annex A. Consequently, CFIA/ACIA 1454 is to be voided. The Ottawa copy of the CFIA/ACIA 1454 is then to be forwarded to Ottawa stapled with a copy of Annex A. The inspector's copy of the CFIA/ACIA 1454 and another copy of Annex A will be kept on file.

Poultry meat – Annex B should be issued. Special packaging or marking requirements

Nil Other requirements


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