11.7.3 Colombia

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For Canadian establishments whose product destined for export, the following information must be submitted to Instituto National de Vigilancia de Medicamentos y Alimentos (INVIMA) either by mail or e-mail by the importer:

  • Name of establishment
  • Registration number of the establishment
  • Address
  • Product for export
  • Country

Issuance of import permits for meats, edible meat products and meat-based products originating from the above establishments is under the responsibility of Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA).

All import conditions applicable to the products intended for export to Colombia must be met by trading parties e.g., labelling (Spanish language labels must include lot number, date of production, expiration date and/or date of minimum durability and producing establishment). For more details, please consult the website of Colombia (Spanish only): www.invima.gov.co Import prohibitions or restrictions

The meat must be derived from animals slaughtered in Canada. Imported meat is not eligible for export (see applicable certificate for details).

Beef meat products: In the case of beef, the meat may be derived from animals imported from countries having a negligible BSE risk status or from the USA and slaughtered in Canada.

Poultry meat products: Import is limited to poultry products derived from chickens, turkeys, geese and ducks.

Operators of establishments where meat products are manufactured for export to Colombia must develop, implement and maintain effective and verifiable control programs for ensuring compliance with all applicable requirements. Where eligible and non-eligible products are manufactured at the establishment, the control programs must ensure that non-eligible products can be distinguished from those that are eligible through receiving, processing, shipping/distribution. The control programs must include monitoring, verification and deviation procedures. The controls implemented by the operator to comply with applicable requirements must be reviewed and found satisfactory by the CFIA inspector. The inspector will verify compliance through usual inspection activities. Specific or additional inspectional procedures

Products containing pork striated muscle must be treated for trichina using one of the methods described on Annex B of the Manual of Procedures (MOP) Chapter 4 or must have been tested by digestive method with negative results. Additional certification

Annexes that must be issued are listed below: Poultry

  • For poultry products: Annex A must be issued
  • For goose and duck pâtés: Annex A-1
  • For goose and duck raw livers: Annex A-2 Pork

For pork products: Annex B Beef

For beef products: Annex C Special marking and packaging requirements

The date of packaging must appear on the label of beef products. Other requirements


See a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates

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