11.7.3 Chile

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A memorandum of understanding has been signed with Chile for exports of pork. All registered establishments are eligible to export fresh pork (chilled or frozen) and processed pork products to Chile. In the case of heat-treated products, a core temperature of at least 68°C for a minimum of 30 minutes should be applied. At the request of the operator/exporter, certification in relation to Japanese requirements (Annex E) for pork products can be issued. It is important to note that Annex E is not a Chilean import requirement. It can, however, be issued at the request of the exporter, provided all applicable Japanese requirements are met.

In the case of beef and beef by-products, a certification agreement has been reached for export of fresh beef (chilled or frozen) to Chile. All registered establishments are eligible. Importers/exporters are responsible to ensure that the product is labelled in accordance with Chilean requirements, including grading and Spanish names of individual beef cuts.

In order to avoid unnecessary delays at the border or possibly refusals, exporters should confirm, prior to export, that Canadian beef or pork establishments, as well as storage facilities, appear in the list of approved establishments published by the Chilean authorities. In case establishment name and number does not appear in the list of approved establishments published by the Chilean authorities, the operators are required to contact local CFIA staff for addition of their name and number to Chilean list. Import prohibitions or restrictions Import restrictions

Beef: Only fresh beef is authorized to be exported to Chile.

Poultry meat: The importation of poultry meat is subject to restrictions related to Avian Influenza. A certification agreement has yet to be reached for this product. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Nil Additional certification Pork and processed pork products

Annex A must be issued. Beef and beef by-products

Annex B must be issued. Special marking and packaging requirements Labelling of beef cuts

A. Cartons

In addition to usual labelling requirements, the name of the cut must appear in Spanish, together with its grade, in keeping with Chilean standards. See annexes C and D for beef cut nomenclature and grading, respectively.

As an example, the label for Canadian AAA flank will need to show:


B. Wrapping

Wrappers of individual beef cuts must bear the name of the product in Spanish and the Chilean grade (see annexes C and D). This information may be printed directly on the wrapping or applied to the wrapper by affixing a label. Other requirements

The container must be sealed with an official seal. The seal number and the container number must appear on the export certificate.

See a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates.

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