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Packaged products must be identified with labels previously approved by the Brazilian authorities. Label approval is obtained by completing the "Imported Animal of Origin Product Label Registration Form", in compliance with Ministerial Ordinance number 371/97 as outlined in Memorandum No. 125/98/DCI/DIPOA dated May 15, 1998, relative to the "Labelling of Packaged Products". A copy of the application form should be made available, by the Area Office, to establishments approved to export to Brazil. Import prohibitions or restrictions Import prohibitions:

Beef - BSE: The importation of beef is prohibited.

Poultry: Imported poultry meat and poultry meat derived from imported birds, other than birds imported as day old birds to be raised in Canada, are not eligible to be exported to Brazil. Import restrictions:

Before exporting to Brazil, the plant must be approved by the Brazilian authorities. Application for approval must be submitted by the operator of the establishment to the inspector in charge of the establishment and when acceptable, forwarded to Ottawa headquarters, (reference Annex I of the Introduction, Application for Establishment Approval).

*Refer to Annex 1 for the list of approved establishments*


It is the responsibility of the operator of the exporting establishment to ensure that only meat products meeting Brazilian requirements are exported to Brazil.

Operators of establishments, where eligible and non-eligible products are handled, must have written procedures in place that will ensure that non-eligible products can be distinguished from those that are eligible through receiving, processing, shipping and distribution.

The written procedures must be reviewed and found satisfactory by the inspector in charge. Inspectors are then responsible for monitoring the operator's controls to ensure themselves that they are adequately followed. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Products containing pork striated muscle must be treated for trichina using one of the methods described in Chapter 4 of the Manual of Procedures. Additional certification

Form Annex C is to accompany the shipment to Brazil. Form CFIA/ACIA 1454 must not be completed and is to be used only for the purpose of obtaining a serial number which should be typed on Annex C. Consequently form 1454 is to be voided. The Ottawa part of form 1454 is then to be forwarded to Ottawa stapled behind a copy of Annex C. The inspector's part of form 1454 is to be kept on file as per usual procedures with a copy of Annex C. Other parts of form 1454 should be destroyed.

  • In the case of pork, Annex B must be issued along with Annex C.
  • In the case of poultry meat, Annex A must be issued along with Annex C.

It is strongly recommended that the certificates be endorsed by an official of the Embassy of Brazil or a Brazilian consulate before being signed by an official Canadian veterinary inspector. Special packaging or marking requirements

Nil Other requirements


See a CFIA inspector to obtain certificates

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