11.7.3 Argentina

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The export certification requirements for export of fresh (chilled and frozen) raw pork have been negotiated with and approved by Argentina effective November 17, 2017 as per the Resolution SENASA No. 816/02 – (Spanish only). The requirements for export of pork to Argentina are described below in this section.

Exporter is responsible to comply with additional labelling requirements of the Republic of Argentina. Import prohibitions or restrictions Import prohibitions

Beef: Beef products are not eligible for export.

Poultry: Poultry products are not eligible for export. Import restrictions

Refer to Annex 1 for the list of establishments approved to export pork and pork meat products to Argentina.

Pork: The certification requirements for export of Fresh Pork Meat (chilled or frozen) to Argentina have been outlined in Annex A available with the CFIA inspectors responsible for respective establishments.

Pork trimmings are not eligible for export.

Note: At this time only the meat products derived from animals born and raised in Canada are eligible for export to Argentina. Specific or additional inspection procedures

Operators of establishments where eligible pork is manufactured for export to Argentina must develop and implement and maintain effective and verifiable control measures to ensure compliance with all additional Argentina specific requirements listed in Annex A. Where eligible and non-eligible products are manufactured at the establishment, the control measures must ensure that non-eligible products can be distinguished from those that are eligible through receiving, processing, shipping and distribution. The controls must include monitoring, verification and deviation procedures. The control measures must be reviewed and found satisfactory by the inspector responsible for the establishment. The inspector will verify compliance through usual inspection activities. Additional certification

Annex A must be issued Special marking and packaging requirements

Nil Other requirements


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