Annex B-1: Authorization

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Name of Company:

Product Exported:

  • Description:
  • Weight: (lbs/kg)
  • # of packaged units

Request to Return:

  • Description:
  • Weight: (lbs/kg)
  • # of packaged units

Date of export:

From Est. #

CFIA/ACIA 1454 #

Type of packaging:

Type of tamper evident means:

Reasons for refusal:

Shipment will return to Canada by:

  • truck
  • air
  • ship
  • Other

Point of landing:


Shipment will be presented for inspection in a Canadian Registered facility:

  • Est. Number:
  • Name:

Reserved for CFIA Use Only

B. Product may be returned to Canada under following conditions:

  1. Only intact, sealed, clean, undamaged shipping containers are permitted to be returned to Canada.
  2. Shipment must be accompanied with completed original "Official Declaration for Exported Canadian Meat Products Returned to Canada."
  3. An Animal Health import permit is required. Contact CFIA [Ottawa] 613-773-2342
  4. Shipment must be presented for inspection by CFIA in a facility for inspection at:
    • Est. Number:
    • Name:
  5. Permission to return the above identified product is refused.

Conditions applicable for this shipment: 1 2 3 4 5

Permission granted/refused by:

  • AHD Date:
  • MPD Date:


Date modified: